Nature Photo Locations features the best outdoor photography locations for nature and landscape photographers around the world. Our photo locations will lead you to the most amazing, stunning, and photogenic places all over the world. You can find our photo locations here.

The locations are bundled by states and countries (packages). The GPS coordinates in the packages are further grouped by region and every location is assigned to a category (landscape, seascape, waterfall, lighthouse, etc.). Beside well known spots (the Icons) every location package includes less know spots, hidden gems, and secret photo spots. Every location is hand-picked and leads you to the best place a region has to offer. Initially the packages were designed for photographers, but the locations are interesting for everybody who likes the outdoors and stunning landscapes.

Nature Photo Locations is a project initiated by Michael Kirste. Michael is self-taught landscape photographer based in Cologne, Germany. His great passion for photography started back in his childhood, when he got his first his first analog compact camera. Since then, he has traveled to numerous amazing places around the world.

“A must have for every nature photographer!” - Matthew S.
“The location packages are perfect for planning a photo trip and working in the field.” - Peter M.
“Thank you! This saved me a lot time on the search for photogenic spots.” - Sandra H.
“I have been three times in the American southwest, but the package still showed me great hidden gems.” - William K.
“The locations are also a great basis for further explorations. Love it!” - Evelyn W.