Frequently asked questions

How can I use the location packages; e.g. how can I use .kml/.kmz files?

The location packages are delivered as .kml/.kmz files. Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is a markup language for describing geographic data and GPS coordinates. There are numerous programs and applications, which are supporting .kmz/.kml files. For working at home on your PC, we recommend using Google Earth or GRASS. While you are outdoor in the field, we recommend using apps like Google Maps, Google Earth, MAPS.ME, or Locus Maps on your smartphone. Locus Maps is a great app that allows you to download maps for offline working, which is very useful when you are photographing in the wilderness, far away from civilization and cell coverage. There are a lot more apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone supporting KML files, which you can find by searching for “KML”. The following screenshots show Locus Maps on a smartphone and Google Earth on a PC.

How does the ordering process works?

You can simply add your desired products (location packages) to the cart by clicking on the button “add to cart”. During the checkout process we demand you to state your name and mail address and to choose the payment method (PayPal, credit card or payment in advance). You will get a download link for your ordered products directly after paying.

When do you recommend shooting which type of location?

For every photo location the type of landscape (seascape, forest, stream, waterfall, lighthouse, architecture, etc.) is indicated. This ensures that you know in advance what you will expect on a location. The best time to shoot a specific location depends highly on the location type, the weather, and the season. In spring and autumn you should go for scenes with trees and forest because of the vibrant lush green colors in spring and the colorful fall foliage in autumn. On rainy and overcast days we recommend to shoot waterfalls, streams and waterfalls. Most scenes will work in almost all seasons, so you can visit a place several times. For example coastlines are often interesting all year round: In spring and summer you will have the chance to photograph wildflowers and in autumn and winter there will be often impressive storms.

What should I consider when traveling to a photo location?

This depends highly on the specific photo location. Some locations are beside a street and easy to reach by a short walk from a parking lot. Other locations are only reachable by long and strenuous day hikes in backcountry. Bevor visiting a photo location you should inform yourself about the dangers and hazards in the area (wildlife, weather, etc.). Especially when going out in the wilderness, you should plan ahead and prepare yourself. Please note that some location points may lie on private land or you have to pay fees to enter the area (e.g. national parks). Please follow the leave no trace principles for outdoor ethics.

Do you have more location packages?

Currently we offer ten different location packages. We were always working on new products. Just drop us a line, if you are interested in special location package.